Quality Control Procedures

Calibration of instrumentation is done daily before analysis is carried out. Analytical working standards are those made from approved stock standards traceable through National Bureau of Standards (NIST) to the standard SI unit.

Samples are digested, extracted, or treated with reagent washed glassware. Metals glassware shall be soaked in a dilute acid bath and rinsed with de-ionized water and kept for the specific analysis of metals. Samples will be treated with quality reagents and shall follow protocol of contractual requirements.

During the analysis, we use ongoing checks of control samples to ensure instrument calibration. Quality control procedures also include sample duplicates and prep duplicates at a rate of one per twenty samples. Logbooks will reflect daily operations of instrumentation and analytical procedures. QC can be customized to meet a client’s specific needs.

Data reporting will take place once all requests for analysis are complete and the integrity of the QA/QC is met. Data are generated from the instrument computers and sent directly to the Lab Information Management System (LIMS) database. The Fire Assay balance is digital and weights are also directly sent to the database. The results of analyses not performed by electronic instruments (e.g. volumetric titrations) are added to the database by the person performing the analysis. Mine reports are generated directly from the database. Once the report is generated, it can be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to the client depending on preference.