Sample Protocol & Receiving

American Analytical Services, Inc. has a standard operating procedure (SOP) for all aspects of sample drop off, drying and preparation, digestion, instrument analysis, quality control assurance and computerized data reporting.

Local pick up of samples can be arranged to meet the needs of the client. During operating office hours, samples can be dropped off and AAS representative will fill out and check accuracy of chain of custody (CC), log in samples and document any special instructions. Large, late-hour, or regular shipments should be pre-arranged to ensure that a representative is present to check in samples.

Soil and rock samples will be dried and/or preserved for analysis. Soil samples will be panned and dried for 24 hours. Water samples will be preserved and refrigerated at 4°C until time of analysis.

The office will produce worksheets reflecting the CC, which identifies the sample, sample matrix, analysis requested, turnaround time, and any other pertinent information. The samples will be logged into the Lab Information Management System (LIMS) and each will be labelled with both the customer sample name and a unique identification number. Samples are prepped according to SOP for each analysis, and extra material stored.

Samples are segregated according to type and analysis requested. Water samples are digested in a separate lab area from the soils and rock samples. Samples are digested with high quality reagents in acid washed glassware or Teflon, or single use digestion vessels. The digestion of samples will strictly adhere to the specific protocol of the sample group. Sample quality controls will consist of duplicates and spikes at a rate specified by the method and lab control spikes and reagent blanks.

Analysis results from all computerized instruments are communicated directly to the LIMS database and reports are printed directly from the LIMS.