About Us

Incorporated in 1996, American Analytical Services is a full service metallurgical, environmental, and chemical testing laboratory. American Analytical Services, Inc. owns and maintains all necessary testing instruments and equipment, including 3 ICP-OES units, as well as an ICP-MS, two AA units, two Hg analyzers, balances, ovens, and distillation and digestion devices. The mining division maintains 3 assay furnaces, rock crushers and pulverizers, balances, and all necessary equipment to provide a full service metallurgical assay.

The laboratory building encompasses 6,000 square feet. Laboratory space includes separate digestion labs for environmental and mining samples as well as a sample preparation area containing drying ovens, crushing and pulverizing equipment, soil screening, refrigeration, and sample storage. Analyses are conducted within our two instrumentation labs and the fire assay room.

AAS is a relatively small lab with a current staff of fifteen full-time employees; including 3 chemists, a subcontracting chemist and eight technicians. Swenson personally oversees that all contractual requirements of clients are satisfactorily met. The personnel of AAS achieve and demonstrate the highest levels of scientific and management excellence in order to obtain and maintain the full confidence of their clientele. For the mines located in the Silver Valley, AAS is your “lab next door”, providing quick and easy access for sample drop-off and quick results turn-around times.

We are dedicated to providing clients with quality service. For the past seven years, AAS has been certified for inorganic parameters with the Washington Department of Ecology to maintain confidence levels of clients. AAS’ has extensive experience in the preparation of data validation packages for a variety of programs including the Bunker Hill cleanup and rails-to-trails projects.

The staff of AAS has over 40 years of combined experience in analytical chemistry with expertise in both the assaying of metallurgical products and in analysis of environmental samples. All assay and metallurgical work is carried out in accordance with ASTM, USGS, and tried and true methods developed for assay and metallurgical analysis. All environmental analyses are carried out in accordance with EPA or Standard Method procedures.